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Construct V AND GRAY IN DESIGNERS The very first designer it is possible to present to the kid in a year and a half.

Details the designer have to be large, with each other easy to connect, without Wuxi liya.

Show to the kid how to connect details.

Construct on his eyes a little lodges, machines or other simple models that the kid saw vozmozh to Nosta of this game.

Try to use designers as the developing games.

Call colors of figures, compare the amount of constructions.

Suggest the child to carry out the tasks described in games with construction cubes.

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Mixing of solution

Mixing of solution a spoon tablespoon of a polifepan dissolve in sterile ware in ml of water and allow to drink in receptions.

Mixing of solution of a smekta or polifepan with milk, porridge is possible or other baby food within days.


Purpose of enzymes after removal of sharp symptoms mezimforte, Pancreatinum.

Dosage mezimforte during food tab.

times a day Pancreatinum powder till year , g.


At the expressed meteorizm espumizan.

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This approach

This approach You too can break tactics offered by us on some parts and to simplify it to consult with most idle time from problems.

Allow the child most to choose with what to begin.

This approach to us too very much it is pleasant as increases the responsibility of the child for a problem and its decision also influences need for the upravl scientific research institute situation.

Jesse decided that she needs the help in occupations on a piano.

The grandmother with the grandfather had to arrive on her concert, and desire it is good to act there were internal st mule.

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Exercise These exercises can be done at first to times, and after some exercise to times.

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the trunk, legs and neck.

Roll ball Hit the ball and explain to the child what you do See how great a ball rolled!

Here I now the catch!

Sit in front of the kid and pokajite the ball in his side well, so he caught it.

Now it's his turn ka, Katie ball mom!

Hum What a beautiful ball.

It's round and big!

Rolling on the floor And jumps at hand.

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Walking is always

Walking is always He walked over to the piano, opened the lid and then realized that today 't even touch the keys.

Then he decided to send curl in your favorite forest.

Walking is always refreshed him and gave new melodies.

But today he slowly walked along a familiar little pathway, for nothing mecha, till finally came to the brook in the woods on the shore which has a sprawling old oak tree.

The young man sat down on a warm, warmed by the sun stone and suddenly started to cry.

Please, Johannes, not MDL tears into the stream, said the Oak, its water is clean and transparent, and will you make it salty and Mut Noah.

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